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Signature KTEB

Everyone out there knows about Teterboro. Knowing TEB is your destination is often coupled with a sigh of “meh.” The controllers will bring you down way early where you will most decidedly get beat up with ground radiation/hilly terrain chop…for 100 miles. It’ll be windy, there will be traffic everywhere. NY Approach will snap at you if you aren’t listening, God love ‘em and the portent of an almost positively delayed departure make it truly meh.…

View from the ramp

Kansas Air Center (KTOP) Update

After a recent trip to Topeka my buddy I was flying with decided that he wanted to write something to go on the site about our day-long stay at the Kansas Air Center “resort.” I haven’t written anything in quite a while so I gladly let him. Enjoy.

“In the heart of the country sits Topeka, KS. This sleepy State capital has two very capable airports, Forbes Field (FOB) and Phillip Billard (TOP). One of my company’s management jets frequents KTOP and I’m grateful for it.…

Textar Aviation KDAL Follow-Up

Well, the last review that we did here on FBOgo about Textar Aviation seemed to be a hit so far (See it Here!). I received a follow up email from Andrew Folkers who is the Operations Manager there about the review and he wanted to add a few points to the review. I really enjoy doing this for managers of FBO’s because it ensures accuracy. I wanted to just say thank you to Andrew for sending me the information and the pictures as well.…

KDAL Texstar Ramp

Dallas, TX – KDAL Textar Aviation

Our day was dragging to a fault by the time we were on final approach. Maybe it was the captain’s ill disposition but by the 7th vector, a missed heading, and an approach with winds gusting 29kts, we were both fairly done with each other and our turbulent ride into Dallas.

Upon reaching the ramp of Textar three linemen insured that our wingtips were clear of other craft and we were safely marshaled to a halt.…


Charlottesville, VA – KCHO Landmark Aviation

I am really having a rough time finding a jumping off point for this story. We decided that our day was entering an unrecoverable death spiral about the time the controller tried to give us a visual approach in the clouds followed by a turn across the localizer, away from the airport, and vectored us around for 5 more minutes after forgetting about us… Keep in mind that the approach course is 2.5° off centerline here for those of you who might ever fly in here…

Upon finally reaching the ramp of Landmark our luck when we learned a new marshaling signal that neither of us had EVER seen before.…